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ACProducts, Inc. (acpi) is a national kitchen and bath cabinetry company with four brands serving the stock and semi-custom, framed and frameless cabinetry markets. CabinetryPad provides pricing and 2020 tools for our two legacy brands, Echelon Cabinetry and Advanta Cabinets.

  • Echelon Cabinetry – Echelon is a stock-to-semi-custom framed cabinetry line developed for home builders, dealers and remodelers. 
  • Advanta Cabinets – Advanta is a stock-to-semi-custom cabinetry line developed for multifamily housing projects. Advanta offers both framed and frameless construction options.
20-20 catalogues and pricing information can be accessed on this site. Please visit our brand websites to access all other media. 

          Multi-Family Architects and Professional Clients: Advanta Cabinets

          Single-Family Home Builders, Dealers and Remodelers: Echelon Cabinetry

Information on employment opportunities with acpi is available on both the Advanta and Echelon websites.

ACProducts, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Industrial Partners, a leading United States private equity firm.  Please see www.americanindustrial.com for history and financial information related to American Industrial Partners.